How To Buy Used Cars
How To Buy Used Cars

How To Buy Used Cars

October 6, 2022

How to buy used cars online from Japan

In this modern digital age, we are still having to buy used cars from somewhere. However, instead of simply going to the local car dealer to buy a used car many of us are shopping for our next used car online.

These cars are coming from the USA, Japan the UK, and other sources, but mostly they are coming from Japan and this is the topic we are covering here. How to buy used cars online.

Read These Easy Steps Below To Buy Your Used Car From Japan Online Successfully.

Join Our Online Car Auction Service

The first thing you need to do is gain access to the online car auction service here in Japan. The best place to start is here at Car Auctions Japan. Once you have mastered this we can progress to Ninja which is a more advanced auction service. 

Join Online Car Auction Service
How To Buy Used Cars Online

Start Your Car Search

With over 135,000 used cars online every week here in Japan, it won’t be long until you find a suitable vehicle that suits your needs. Simply join the auction website above or here and start your search. 

Request Your Auction Sheet To Be Translated

We know very well that Japanese car auction sheets can be difficult to decipher and we are here to help. Once you have found your target car contact us on Whatsapp or Skype below or use our contact page here and we will gladly translate the auction sheet for you.

Japanese Auction Sheet Translations
Pay your auction bidding deposit via PayPal

Bidding Deposit Required

Now that the translation is completed and we are happy to proceed with bidding you will be required to place a one-time bidding deposit of 100,000 JPY. 

This is simple and can be done online using Paypal with a credit card or your Paypal balance. Use this link.

Auction Bidding Success

Congratulations on your win. We beat the competition and won your new used car. Yes, there will be some competition but luckily we are here to guide you to win as we are in touch with auction statistics, and winning won’t take long at all. 

So What’s Next?

How to win cars at auction
Car Payment Process

Pay For Your Car

Yes, now the fun begins. You will be sent a FOB invoice for the car cost + Agent Fee less your deposit. We allow a generous time in which this is to be paid so don’t worry. Whilst your payment for the car is underway we will arrange documentation and shipping for you as described below

RoRo Shipping and Paperwork

It’s in everyone’s best interest to get things moving in a timely manner and this is our next stage. 

We will start RORO shipping procedures on your behalf and courier all relevant documents to you or your forwarding agent in ample time before the car arrives at your port.

Sit back and relax in the meantime and enjoy the car photos we will send you during this time.

Document delivery and shipping times

Your Car Has Arrived

Buy used cars online from Japan

Now you have all your paperwork from us and your car is ready to be collected at your port. Remember a couple of important factors before blasting out into the sunset.

Your new car may not have been driven for quite some time after being in Japan and then on a boat so things should be checked for your comfort and safety.

  • Check Battery
  • Consider Fluid Levels
  • Take Some Spare Fuel
  • Drive Slowly Until Your Comfortable
  • Enjoy Your New Car From Japan


Got Some Questions? Head of to our forum page below.

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