How Does It Work?

This website is just like many other cars sales websites that you see online.

However, our fundamental difference is that we do not actually own the cars on the website. We have owned them at some point or another but technically speaking we are not the owners.

Our goal is twofold. We aim to put you in touch with the current owner of the advertised car or we can buy one for you exactly the same or to your specific requirements right here in Japan. 

We are Auction Agents and Automotive Exporters first and foremost, and we buy cars, a lot!

There is no gimmick attached to what we do. All the cars you see on this website were purchased by us and we have the access to advertise them on this website on behalf of the current owners.

Keep reading and learn how buying a car direct from Japan will ultimately save you money and at the same time give you far more flexibility on the cars options, colours, and fees and much more.

How to use this car website

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Over 135,000 Cars Online Weekly
Japan Car Auctions
All Cars Inspected & Translated
We have all cars inspected at auction and translate all the Japanese for you
Japan Car Auctions Have Massive Stock Options
By going direct to the auction system you will have access to a massive daily rotating vehicle inventory
We Provide Access To All Car Auctions In Japan
Using our service will provide you with access to every auction house within Japan
Low Cost And Competitive Agents Fees
No matter what price range the car you are buying ex Japan we have an FOB fee to suit.
Logistics From Auction To Port And Shipping Is Handled By Us
Once you buy your car, van or truck your in safe hands. We handle every logistical aspect for you
The Simplest Way To Buy Cars From Japan
Buying cars direct from the auction will simplify, give better prices and offer better vehicle range options

Japanese turn their cars or recycle their cars within a ten year period to avoid paying heavy taxes. These cars go back into the car auctions. Global buyers have come to trust and love the auction system here. We know these sellers and trust them. Peace of mind is vital for all parties.

We have been involved with the auctions for over 25 years and double check every auction sheet for accuracy. There are hundreds of cars being exported from Japan every day to global destinations, and we know these sellers exceptionally well. Every one of these cars has come from Japan

To put it simply, Japan is the best place to buy late model cars safely and cheaply. Not only late model cars but also many classic cars and JDM vehicles also. 

If you are able to buy from the advertised inventory you will find that most of the hard work is done as the car has already been imported.

The good news is that you do not have to deal with the seller direct until the final stage. We will do all the negotiating and liaising on your behalf.

Because some of these cars are in country the seller has already completed all requirements for that given country and the car is eligible to drive on the roads there.

If you see a car listed as new stock it simply means that the car has just been bought here in Japan. It also means that you maybe able to buy it before it leaves Japan or have the first option once it arrives in the new country.

The vehicle is most likely under negotiations or has a deposit placed on it already. Please ask about the vehicle anyway just incase its been put on hold in error.

This simply means that the car in question has left Japan and is in its new country of residence which you can see on the map. Often these cars may still be ok for re-export. Please ask.

Because there is a time zone delay and difference in location you may occasionally find that our updating of the inventory maybe slow. Please accept that if the vehicle has the incorrect listing feature such as, On Hold, In Country, New Stock, Etc

All sellers have been instructed that any car advertised must be somewhat negotiable. Please ask us for the best price. Going direct to the seller is not possible. 

As above all cars advertised on this website are in complete running order at the point of advertising. If you are seriously interested we will have the seller update us on the latest status of the vehicle. A damaged or crashed advertised vehicle is advertised “as is where is”.

We have been exporting cars from Japan since 2008. There are few Japanese Car Exporters that can match our long and distinguished history. Join us at Cars For Sale in Japan today.
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