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We dont actually offer any warranties from Japan but the current owner may possibly do so.

Auto Trader Imports is our parent company and this website is simply an extension of Auto Trader Imports and the associated websites and details

Change your oil every 2 years or every 10,000 Klm or earlier. Please use the manufacturers guidelines 1st.

By a $5 check tool and then take the valve cap of the tire placing the tool on the valve as described. You will see the pressure. Or go to your local service center to check.

Rotate your tires when they at at least half worn on the driving pair of tires depending on rear wheel drive or front wheel drive.

Yes we do. Please check it out here.

At one point or another we did own these cars yes. Well most of them. They are now with new owners and available if not sold otherwise. We can put you in touch with the owner or you can buy a similar one direct from us using the auction system here in Japan. Its all very easy.

Oil leaks can vary in severity but in any instance you should fix a leak if its known. There are wet leaks where the oil drips and dry leaks where it may have been a one time thing. Take your car to the local garage and have it looked at.

Often brake pulsating is caused by uneven wear on the brake disks. Have it checked soon.

As you are driving a motor vehicle on the roads with other people beside you are around you in other vehicles it makes perfect sense to clean your windscreen regularly. If its dirty, clean it.

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