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Its been a great adventure for us from the beginning back in 2008 when we started in our apartment in Tokyo.

Autotraderimports or Auto Trader Japan as we like to be referred to has been evolving in one way or another since 2008. We had in our service over 17 people at one time and found that the business sort of stagnated and clients were not being attended to 100%. We trimmed things back to our current staffing level and have fine-tuned our service with one on one customer relations from the top of the work chain. With our new measures in place since 2010, we have found that smaller is better for us as we can keep the business model under control and maintain a healthy supported customer base. Graeme is your first line of contact so please reach out to him in the first instance. Carsforsale.jp is a division of Autotraderimports.com under Used Cars Company Ltd.

Being a large company does not warrant the best service. It’s no different to the old adage that age warrants the respect of the young. The best service and wisdom comes from effort and time learning.

Contact Us at Cars For Sale Japan
Contact Us at Cars For Sale Japan
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My goal has always been to keep inovative and provide transparent service

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We have been exporting cars from Japan since 2008. There are few Japanese Car Exporters that can match our long and distinguished history. Join us at Cars For Sale in Japan today.
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