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Finding cars from Japan has never been easier using our public auction and dealer network. 

Find late model quality cars online here and buy with confidence from only Trusted auction agents and car dealers on our network.

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Looking for used cars and cars for sale has never been easier. With over 135,000 cars available weekly.  


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1️⃣.Begin your search by choosing one of the most popular makes like Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet, Audi, Honda, Ford, or Porsche. Search for thousands easily. Find your car quickly!



 2️⃣.Pick your models like Corolla, 911, Blazer, A8, G55 AMG, Civic, or Whatever, and then click on the corresponding lot number of the vehicle to view the data and pictures.



3️⃣.The data card will provide much information including engine size, mileage, rating, color, overall condition, and description of niggles, etc with a glossary card describing the terms used. It's very comprehensive and easy to read.



     4️⃣.The data on the sheet is in Japanese. If you have problems understanding this please contact us and we will gladly translate it for you and provide advice.



5️⃣. If you want to proceed with bidding or buying the car once you are satisfied with the information that's been provided you can submit your tender price in the Bid Box. Note that you cant actually buy a car without a downpayment so don't worry you won't be buying until this is confirmed as this is simply a test run.


6️⃣. Check back at the end of the tenders completion time and see what the car actually sold for and just how close your test run was. Have a couple of test runs as it's completely harmless to do so and it's exceptionally entertaining to test your skills.


7️⃣. Now that you have gained your bidding skills it's time to get your deposit in the and start bidding & buying cars for real. You can pay your 1-time deposit using the PayPal link below. This is not required until your 100% ready. Until then the website is totally free to use. Have a great time.


Deposits Only

We require 100,000 JPY for any vehicle up to 1.99 Million JPY or 15% of any amount above the total potential purchase price of 2.0 Million JPY.
Yes We Accept PayPal
Yes We Accept PayPal